This site does not condone racism in any shape or form.

Nor does it condone discrimination – including positive discrimination.

The abuse of Tier2 and H1-B visas is a sensitive subject to cover and is considered by the thousands of multi-ethnic UK and American citizens whose livelihoods have been disrupted by this abuse to be both racial discrimination against resident workers and racial abuse of migrant workers who are, in the cases we are interested in, treated as lesser people who are expected to work for less money and not enjoy the same employment rights as resident workers.

By those who stand to lose financially from a clamp-down on this abuse, anybody who raises the issue or discusses the issue is often labelled as racist in order purely to silence them.

 Even the Migration Advisory Committee, established by the Government to look into this matter has been labelled as “anti immigration” by sites that promote and discuss Tier2 visas and how to obtain them.

The objective of this site is to establish a level playing field for workers of all nationality and the subject matter is covered by reporting actual events and by satire.

It is our aim to ensure that the Tier2 visa system is used as it was intended and for this to happen all Tier2 migrants should be paid the going rate for the job that they are doing and the going rate for the manner in which they have been engaged. They should also be afforded the same employment rights and protection as has taken some 200 years to establish here in the UK and is available to UK workers.

We appreciate that racism and the perception of racism is subjective. If you consider any of our posts, or any of the comments on those posts to be racist please let us know and tell us why you consider them to be racist and we will review them.

Any comments that are deemed to be wholly racist, threatening or menacing have been and will continue to be passed to the police and other relevant authorities along with IP addresses