The CRAP SAF Project

In the last six months the Common Regional Agricultural Policy Single Application Form Project – CRAP SAF project – has gone from strength to strength and with a workforce of only 300 staff, of which 9 are Scottish Government, and a similar number are contractors from the UK, the Scottish Government has successfully produced a website that with a bit of luck will allow a farmer to enter an application form and store the data.

This has been quite a difficult task and would not have been possible were it not for the additional resources that were brought in from abroad to make this happen.  These people have worked tirelessly – days, evenings and weekends – to build this web site and deliver the level of success and quality which is now synonymous with CRAP.

Over the coming months and years the system will be extended to actually process the stored applications and then to generate reports that will allow the farmers to receive their European subsidies.  With the solid foundation that has already been built this will be delivered with the same level of success as the existing system, but will require yet more dedication, long hours and weekend working from these same people  if it is to be delivered with only 300 staff and for a similar cost.

The success of this project is attributable in the main to the management team that has been put in place and who have been  instrumental in getting the CRAP SAF project and the Scottish Government to where they are now.

We look forward to reading the feedback from the Scottish Farmers as they use this great system to secure their European subsidies and livelihoods over the coming years.


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