Nicola Sturgeon to reduce tax rate to 0.005% to attract American corporations?

With the latest EU ruling that Apple’s tax arrangements with Ireland were illegal because every other business paid 12% compared to their 0.005%; there are rumours that Nicola Sturgeon is to reduce corporation tax across the whole of Scotland to 0.005% to lure the IT giant north of the border.

“The EU ruling imposed such a massive penalty in order to bring the tax paid up to the same level as everybody else,” one SNP supporter told us over a few whiskeys.

“So the plan is to reduce corporation tax for everybody. That way the EU can’t complain when we join them after leaving the UK.”

“Nicola’s even offered to lend them her garage until they’ve found business premises.” 

The money lost by doing this can be made up from revenue from a magic salt pot which is rumoured to be at the bottom of the sea just outside Edinburgh and which is responsible for the sea being salty.


UK Businesses in mass complaint of Illegal State Aid to foreign IT Corporations

Following the Illegal State Aid EU ruling into the Apple / Ireland arrangement hundreds of small UK Businesses, tired of playing second fiddle to large foreign IT Corporations  have been complaining en masse that Tier2 visas, ICT visas and special foreign company tax arrangements also amount to illegal state aid.

“If Apple’s arrangements with Ireland amounted to illegal state aid, then we have to ask if the UK and Scottish Governments have been providing illegal state aid to the large IT corporations – including CGI and Spectromax who have both made a fortune out of the ill fated Cap System for processing rural payments. There have been complaints that they sacked UK workers in favour of cheaper foreign workers who are reported to pay zero or considerably reduced taxes compared to their UK counterparts due to incentivised tax arrangements.” One small business complained.

Those interested in adding their name to the complaint form can find it here:

Scottish farmers rush out to buy prize Bulls to secure CAP payments

Scottish Farmers who still haven’t received their EU subsidies have a new trick up their sleeve to grease the CAP system cogs.

One farmer explained the process in simple steps:

  • buy a prize bull
  • win a prize at the Turriff Show 
  •  when Fergus Ewing turns up to give you your £100 cheque shake his hand firmly and say “You don’t happen to have my feckin CAP payment as well do you old bean?”

Apparently it works a treat.

Now all we’ve got to do is wait for Scottish Government’s one and only expert to come back from his holiday on August 29th and we can finally get paid.

Interesting comment on the false economics of migrant workers – applies equally to Tier2 IT workers – 20% of whom displace British workers and damage the economy

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Firstly, EU migrants bring in billions of pounds a year in taxes. Curtailing their numbers in the UK would have a profound effect on our public finances”.

Even if the first sentence is correct, the second is not. It’s not a question of how much taxes people pay, but as I’ve noted before how much more tax they pay than they cost in public services and benefits. Broadly, Western Europeans appear to make a net fiscal contribution, and Eastern Europeans not. That’s nothing to do with where they come from or different appetites for work, but about the jobs they are actually do. There are low-paid Portuguese cleaners and bonus-earning Romanian bankers, but overall Western Europeans earn more than average and Eastern Europeans less.

17,410,472 people spoke. Not a single minister heard what they said!

Government incentivises migrant workers to replace British workers –

I live in multi-ethnic, multi-cultural Britain. My neighbours include British-Polish, British-Spanish, British-Indian, British-Pakistani, British-Kosovan, British-Chinese and the White British that everybody thinks of when you simply say British.

We all live peacefully together. Our children learn and play together. We have a nice little community.

I voted out. They voted out.


Not because we are racists.

Because we are all sick of being discriminated against ourselves for being British!

Where I work – one IT company provides 90% of the staff. Every single member of staff they supply has been brought in from India. They do not employ a single British person – not one. Even a British-Indian who applied to work for them was turned down because it is cheaper to bring Indians in from India than it is to employ any British person and that includes British-Indians.

Our neighbours report similar and worse with cheap EU migrants.

Even in work we do not hate or even dislike these people. They are people just like us. They have families and children to care for – just like us. They are more of us.

It is the corrupt system we hate.

It is a government we despise – that incentivises corporate racism and discrimination against British people.

It is a government we resent – that erodes British Industry.

A government that brings in 20,000 nurses from abroad but refuses to train 20,000 British people who want to be nurses

A government that tells us there is a skills crisis when we have the skills they are looking for

A government that drove out the one man band plumbers, brickies, sparkies and pampered to their corporate buddies and sponsors

We have been telling them about this for years.

They did not listen.

We do not hate immigrants

We hate what you have done to our country

We hate what you have done to us

Last Thursday 17 million, 410 thousand, 472 people all spoke together. With one voice.

Not a single MP listened!

Will brexit force Westminster and Holyrood to address the parasite economy?

It’s been a roller coaster of a ride with a majority vote for brexit seeing both the pound and the euro plummet against the dollar and billions wiped off the FTSE.

The truth is that the FTSE is still up some 1600 points on this time last year and sterling will bounce back once the shorters have stopped milking the uncertainty.

But what of the parasite economy? The unsustainable race to the bottom? 

Well Nicola Sturgeon is already on her soap box for another referendum to split away from the rest of the U.K. on the basis that Scotland could go it alone to the EU.

The probability is that Scotland wouldn’t even qualify to join the EU if it went it alone, and with Scotland’s track record for throwing good money after bad whilst at the same time feeding the fat cats, they’re not going to qualify any day soon!

And what of Westminster?

Well the #remain campaign has fought it’s corner by calling its opposition racists and xenophobes. How dare anybody question their glorious EU.

But the EU is fat cat country where big business has learned to wield more power than whole countries and where milking the system is big big money.

Take the disastrous rural payment system – a pan European disaster caused by the same few companies throughout and unchallenged in their failure and the reward thereof.

Cheap labour throughout has undermined local businesses, destroyed local livelihoods and contributed to and relied on an indigenous skills crisis.

But here’s the catch – it is exactly this parasitic behaviour and ultimately corporate racism that many brexiters have railed against. Moving cheap migrant labour around en masse to be exploited, even if willingly, was abolished several hundred years ago – but now it is called market forces and good for the economy. The truth is, it pays people less for being ethnic, pays women even less than the men, and destroys everything it touches.

In fact, the parasite economy almost destroyed the Scottish rural economy and caused the rural payments project to go some £100m over budget, was criticised by the audit commission and now the project “may never be delivered” – and this has happened throughout the EU.

So, now we have voted through brexit to declaw these corporate predators it is time for Westminster and Holyrood to listen to the voting public, properly manage their financial affairs and finally address the parasites!

David Cameron to be replaced by “highly skilled” Tier2 migrant

With the advent of #brexit the Government has decided that David Cameron no longer has the skills for the job.

Not having been outside the EU for over 30 years, the problem is that nobody in the UK has the requisite skills to run the country.

In a last minute press release the Immigration Minister has announced that Tier2 migrants, all of whom have been brought up outside the EU, are therefore eminently more qualified to run the country in David Cameron’s stead.

What’s more, with the current minimum salary of £20,800 for a Tier2 migrant the Government is projected to make a substantial saving. 

Combined with the current tax incentives for Tier2 migrants, such as including expenses as part of the salary, David Cameron’s replacement – much like the IT workers he flooded the market with – can reduce their salary to below the tax paying threshold effectively avoiding all tax and NI contributions to the public purse.

In a statement, someone purporting to be David Cameron said “How can I possibly compete with that. It’s not fair. It’s not as if I’m a pleb or anything – I’m highly skilled. I worked hard to get where I am and funded all my own training. I have a mortgage, wife and children to support. What kind of Government destroys UK livelihoods in such a callous manner, just to save a few pennies.”