All the material on this site is the subjective opinion of the author.

Dom’s Diary is fictitious – although a satirical comment on documented facts.

To our knowledge Richard Lochhead never entered a SAF in his life, so the post about that is fiction – although based on the experiences of others who are trying to use the SAF system.

The issues with Tier 2 visas and Contractors being rolled off and replaced by staff from Spectromax are very much true.  The posts remain subjective and satirical however.

None of the posts are a statement of fact but are the opinion and subjective recollection of and satirical comment by the author.

If any person believes any information contained in this blog to be both portrayed as factual and also inaccurate, please let us know and we will edit / remove the offending posts.  If we have evidence that supports the accuracy of the post in that event, we will acknowledge that the information is disputed but that we have evidence in our possession to support the accuracy thereof.


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