Following massive success in the USA, is it time for UK Government to scrap the multi-billion corporates and hand over IT development to its schools?

CAP system: £200million – not working

NHS System: £14bn – not writing

Passport System

Immigration System 


3 school kids wrote a computer system for the US government. It took 3 months and worked. OpThe Government admitted a professional procurement would have cost millions and taken two years.

So why is the UK Government  wasting millions on computer systems that don’t work, posting the same corporations to produce failure after failure,  when school kids can deliver working systems are a fraction of the cost?

Is it time to scrap the corporations and hand over the development of Government computer systems to our schools?

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17,410,472 people spoke. Not a single minister heard what they said!

Government incentivises migrant workers to replace British workers –

I live in multi-ethnic, multi-cultural Britain. My neighbours include British-Polish, British-Spanish, British-Indian, British-Pakistani, British-Kosovan, British-Chinese and the White British that everybody thinks of when you simply say British.

We all live peacefully together. Our children learn and play together. We have a nice little community.

I voted out. They voted out.


Not because we are racists.

Because we are all sick of being discriminated against ourselves for being British!

Where I work – one IT company provides 90% of the staff. Every single member of staff they supply has been brought in from India. They do not employ a single British person – not one. Even a British-Indian who applied to work for them was turned down because it is cheaper to bring Indians in from India than it is to employ any British person and that includes British-Indians.

Our neighbours report similar and worse with cheap EU migrants.

Even in work we do not hate or even dislike these people. They are people just like us. They have families and children to care for – just like us. They are more of us.

It is the corrupt system we hate.

It is a government we despise – that incentivises corporate racism and discrimination against British people.

It is a government we resent – that erodes British Industry.

A government that brings in 20,000 nurses from abroad but refuses to train 20,000 British people who want to be nurses

A government that tells us there is a skills crisis when we have the skills they are looking for

A government that drove out the one man band plumbers, brickies, sparkies and pampered to their corporate buddies and sponsors

We have been telling them about this for years.

They did not listen.

We do not hate immigrants

We hate what you have done to our country

We hate what you have done to us

Last Thursday 17 million, 410 thousand, 472 people all spoke together. With one voice.

Not a single MP listened!

Did the Scottish Government pay the Delivery Director’s “conflict of interest” agency £2million per month in commission? and how much are they still paying?

The Scottish Government has been very cagey about monies paid to Spectromax Solutions, the company owned by the CAP system Delivery Director.

Spectromax supplied a large number of the staff who replaced workers ultimately removed from that project by the same Delivery Director – a conflict of interest picked up by the Audit Commission in their damning report into the CAP system debacle.

Many of the replacement staff it is claimed were Tier2 migrants – known by industry workers for being cheap and unfortunately associated most often with project failure than project success because of their exaggerated skills.

In the case of the CAP system, one team leader reported that 

“On paper I was given 7 senior developers(5 from specromax) and 2 senior testers(1 from specromax). After around 2-3 weeks into the sprint, having delegated the initial stories out to various developers, it was clear that these senior dev’s were clearly junior dev’s being charged out at senior rates.”

 The Audit Commission report claims that Spectromax provided the majority of the most expensive contractors to the CAP project.

However, adverts placed by them suggest that they were one of the lowest payers.
FOI requests about pay rates have been refused but with the minimum required salary for a Tier2 migrant being £20,800 per year – equivalent to £80 gross per day; and unconfirmed rumours that Spectromax staff were being charged out at up to £800 per day – this means that Spectromax was making anything up to a whopping £700 per day per person in commission.

With the Audit Commission reporting that Spectromax supplied around 100 staff, this means that Spectromax cut of the public purse payments could have been as much as £70,000 per day – or £2million per month

Obviously this is conjecture – but perhaps it is time for Scottish Government to come clean about payments.

Hopefully a Public Inquiry will get to the bottom of this.

If these figures are shown to be even close to the truth then serious questions need to be asked about the Scottish Government senior officials who allowed this to happen and whether or not their behaviour constituted misconduct in public office.

Also is it not time for some of this money to be clawed back!

Coming to a Toy Store near you – the new Scottish Government CAP System – Not a Cluedo

It’s the new board game we’ve all been waiting for.

A cross between Strategy and Cluedo!  It’s

CAP System – Not a Cluedo!”


Roll the dice, ignore the misleading Spokeswoman and try and eliminate your opponents by collecting Tier 2 Migrant Workers.

Your task is to design and build a computer system to pay EU subsidies to Scottish Farmers.

Your first task is to appoint a Delivery Director.  You have a choice between Dominic, Colin, Ian, Andy, and Father Christmas but you can’t make the choice yourself.  First you must roll the dice to see who is going to make the decision, where and with what.

Will it be The Corporation in the Interview Room with the Rolling Contract? or will it be Richard in The Park with His Bicycle? Perhaps it will be Ian in The Canteen with Invisible Ink or even Jonathan in The Dark with Bad Advice?

Once you’ve got your decision maker and appointed a Delivery Director,
the next step is to design and build your computer system.

For this you’ve got another set of cards giving more options.  Perhaps it will be 400 Contractors in One Room with a Keyboard and a Mouse but No Computer. Perhaps it will be 300 Tier 2 Migrants in Delhi Spur with Bloated CVs or perhaps it will be A Handful of Permies in The Office with A Bit of Training.

You may succeed, but history has a way of repeating itself so
you’re going to need to get your excuses ready and for this you have even more cards to choose from.

Perhaps it failed because The System was Very Complex and we Needed More Time.  Perhaps it was because The Staff were Lazy and Work Shy and Needed Replacing.  Whatever the possible outcomes from your stack of excuses you must be ready.

Finally, you need a backup plan.  Will it be The English DEFRA Solution?  Perhaps it will be A Spreadsheet written by an Intern? or could it be a £20m Loan Scheme and Underwritten Payments?

With such an exciting game, you will be riveted for years to come.

Yours now for the princely sum of £200million.

Scottish Government accused of cutting flood defence budget to pay for failing IT system overrun

It’s the question on everybody’s lips – if you hadn’t cut the flood defence budget, would my home, business and livelihood be under water?

The problem with failing IT systems such as the infamous CAP Rural Payment system – now running at over £100m over budget and costing circa £2m per week ongoing – is that when they overrun, that cost has to be met from somewhere.

More often than not these ‘savings’ come from vital services – hospitals, police, fire service, and – one of the first to go – flood defences!

Surely now is the time to ask Nicola Sturgeon where the money is actually coming from to pay for this fiasco.

Dopey Dave’s Ramblings -31.12.2015 – Happy New Year

Well, it’s that time again.  I can’t believe this year has gone so fast.  To think that, last year I was promising everybody that everything was going to be fine.  The new CAP system was going to be great, we had just recruited a new Delivery Director and he was cleaning up Saughton House and bringing in a special crack team of developers who would turn this project around on a pin head and deliver everything early and under budget.

I guess I should have got a little suspicious when everybody changed desks and even buildings every two weeks but the management team kept telling me that everything was going fine and our new Delivery Director even went to the trouble to  bring in his own management team to ensure that I was kept fully informed of everything that was going on.

Anyway, the year is over and we can’t change what has happened.  We can only change the future.

So, to my friends and family I want to wish you all a very happy New Year.  To my staff, and our customers, the farmers – I want to wish you also a very Happy New Year but also add the assurance that in 2016 we will not be repeating the mistakes of 2015.

I know that people keep telling me how complicated the CAP system is, but let’s be honest, we have school kids creating more complicated projects on a daily basis in their bedrooms and they’re not charging £150million a year for it.  I really need to wake up to this flannel (as my father in law told me over the Christmas dinner this year).

So, here are my new years resolutions

1 – Don’t sign any more Time and Materials contracts – just fixed price

2 – If a supplier says they can’t find the staff to do the work without bringing them in from somewhere else in the World, then use a supplier who can – we’ve got enough clever people in Scotland – let’s use them

3 – Open door policy for my own Scottish Government Staff.  They’ve been nothing but sidelined in 2015 and this is wrong.  They are a dedicated workforce who live in the community that we are serving – so, they have a vested interest in the success of our projects.  It’s time to invite them in to the top so that they can tell me openly and honestly, without fear of reprisals, what they think

4 – Apologise to the farmers for the fiasco we have created this year, and guarantees that the Scottish Government will cover the costs of their loan arrangements, fees and interest caused by the late delivery of this system

5 – Separate out a crack team of SG staff (20 max) who will report directly to me.  Their task will be to write the whole system from scratch.  No management involvement, just BAs, designers and developers and weekly round table meetings.  I’ve been told that they could do the job, so let’s give it a go.  If we need to bring in a consultant or two – then they can recommend them – nobody else.  It’s about time we started delivering for success in this Government

6 – Start training local apprentices.  I keep being told that our suppliers are training apprentices but I don’t actually believe it any more.  I will appoint mentors from within the Scottish Government staff and they can recruit apprentices, train them and mentor them in skills that we can use now and in the future.

I’ve got another 18 points, but as always time is pressing.

I suppose what I am really saying to the people of Scotland is that I wish you all a very Happy New Year and rest assured that you will see much less Dopey Dave in 2016 and much more Decisive Dave.  I will take this Government, it’s projects, it’s staff and most importantly it’s suppliers and give them a good shake.  There will be no more late deliveries, no more project over-runs, no more unhappy farmers.  I am going to take personal ownership of all these projects going forward.

And nobody is going to pull the wool over my eyes any more.

That is my promise.




Dom’s Diary – 08.12.2015 – Good old Blockhead, sounds like he actually believes his own crap

Oh boy!

I was just checking out the Official Report – Topical Question Time – Common Agricultural Policy between counting my money and drinking champagne, and I was thinking Blockhead is good!


He’s gonna need to be.  We haven’t got a hope in hell of living up to his promises, but he’ll keep singing the same song until January and only then, when the payments haven’t been made will he start to admit something is wrong.

The fortunate thing for us, is that these projects are too big for just one minister or civil servant to cancel.  They’re caught like rats in a trap.  They’ve spent so much money that there’s no way they can cancel the project – it would be political and career suicide.  So, they’ll just keep plugging away until they realise that the parrot is not actually sleeping and they can’t hide the fact any more and then they’ll cancel it.

In the meantime, we still keep getting paid.  And when they do cancel it, we’ll move on as a team, to the next Government project.

These civil servants are so predictably weak.  I almost feel sorry for them.

Anyway, enough about work – time for some good old R and R.