Following massive success in the USA, is it time for UK Government to scrap the multi-billion corporates and hand over IT development to its schools?

CAP system: £200million – not working

NHS System: £14bn – not writing

Passport System

Immigration System 


3 school kids wrote a computer system for the US government. It took 3 months and worked. OpThe Government admitted a professional procurement would have cost millions and taken two years.

So why is the UK Government  wasting millions on computer systems that don’t work, posting the same corporations to produce failure after failure,  when school kids can deliver working systems are a fraction of the cost?

Is it time to scrap the corporations and hand over the development of Government computer systems to our schools?

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Public Sector IT failures – legalised plunder?

CAP System, NHS System, Police System, DWP, Passport Office…

All the same IT companies…

All abusing the Tier2 visa system…

Many also abusing the H1-B visa system…

IT Visa Abuse claims could dwarf PPI claims as estimates exceed £1/2 trillion

16 years ago, as the millennium was being celebrated nobody could have imagined that the all powerful banks would be setting aside billions to compensate missold PPI.

Workers, Unions and regulators are now estimating that IT companies who abused the visa process to eradicate the British workforce from their UK offices and projects could now be facing claims in excess of £1/2 trillion over the coming years.

Furthermore, companies that offshore could be targeted in new tax avoidance legislation and taxed at 40% of gross offshore expenditure to compensate Government coffers that have been emptied and that have led to 8 years of unnecessary austerity.

The U.K. government has boasted that it recklessly allowed up to half a million visas be approved each year, bringing into the UK a workforce of artificially cheap labour.

As IT companies have made billions, the U.K. workforce has been destroyed and the Chancellor has lost up to £10billion in tax revenue in the recent coalition and Tory government era alone.

In Scotland, challenging this tax evasion and bringing jobs back into Scotland for Scottish people could completely wipe out the £15bn deficit in one parliament.

Here is a summary of what the claims could entail, based on recent litigation in the States and discussions with Unions:

  • Claims by migrant workers who have been discriminated against and underpaid for their work
  • Claims by resident workers who lost jobs to migrant workers
  • Claims by resident workers who were denied jobs in favour of migrant workers

In total, it is estimated that 5million migrant workers were brought into the UK in the last ten years and replaced resident workers.

Claims of £50k per migrant worker for discrimination and similar for resident workers could leave IT companies facing a bill of £100k for every migrant worker they brought in.

With 5 million workers brought in, the bill looks set to reach £1/2 trillion very quickly.

Now consider the offshored development and call centres and new tax legislation could lead to £multi-billion tax bills for the same period.

The next ten years look set to be very difficult for IT companies but could turn around the fortunes of the U.K. as a country.

Scottish Government accused of “deceiving parliament” as preferred supplier list is circulated just as parliament closes 

Whilst politicians and some members of the public alike have called for the resignation of Richard Lochhead for the CAP System failure, the alleged circulation of an email to senior civil servants that names Spectromax Solutions as a preferred supplier has caused a public outcry.

The Scottish Government has consistently denied any link to or involvement in the appointment or use of Spectromax and then just as parliament is about to close an email is circulated that names Spectromax Solutions as a preferred supplier.

“If this is true,” one person told us, “then this would suggest that senior civil servants have consistently lied about the link between Scottish Government and Spectromax. They have denied any knowledge of Spectromax and then this document names and shames them as being complicit in the whole matter .”

Another person said, “There has got to be a public inquiry now, in  light of this information  – and the police need to answer questions about their ongoing investigation.” 

“The timing of this document, which coincides with parliament closing makes it look like senior civil servants have set out to decieve parliament itself.”

Spectromax Solutions is the agency set up by the Delivery Director of the failing CAP System  project. This agency then supplied migrant workers to the Scottish government project after the Delivery Director first let go some 260 resident workers. 

Spectromax subsequently enjoyed a 4300% increase in assets at the same time as the rural economy went into meltdown with a £400 million hole caused by the late delivery of promised farm payments owing to the failure of the CAP System.

Scottish Government to set up Canine Division of programming dogs after reports of dog driving tractor

The Scottish Government has set up a specialist Canine Division with a remit to recruit dogs that can be taught to write computer programs for the Scottish SAF project.

dog at computer dog_on_computer Dog-n-computer-by-Walik

A Government spokesman told us that “as soon as we learned of a dog in Scotland that had been found driving a tractor, we decided that we could cut costs even further on the SAF project by employing Coding Canines.  Furthermore, we did not think that this would result in a noticeable reduction in the quality of the existing system.”


“With dogs working for us, we can cut even more corners than we have done already . The new Canine Division will have staff working on the SAF project for literally no more than the cost of a tin of dog food and we can get the Management to take the dogs for a walk twice a day during which time they can get a progress report of how well the SAF system is coming along.”

When asked if the reduction in cost by using canines would reduce the bottom line cost of the whole project, the Scottish Government spokesman told us, “Of course not.  Cheaper labour will simply allow our suppliers to increase their margins.  The project will cost the taxpayer the same, but the suppliers will make more profit.”