Scottish Government in cover up over migrant workers?

The Scottish Government is nearly one month late in providing information to various people and organisations under the Freedom of Information Act.

We spoke with some of our contacts from the ill fated Scottish Government CAPS/SAF project and were told, “the questions asked were about the level of Tier 2 migrants working on the project and asked for detailed and specific information¬†which would clearly demonstrate that nearly all the UK workers have been replaced with Tier 2 migrants.”

“This is not about race or the colour of people’s skin,” our contact went on, “because the UK workers who were dismissed were of diverse ethnic origin. ¬†This is about corruption and the Scottish Government not wanting the media and the public to know the enormous number of UK workers who were replaced with Tier 2 migrants – especially now the project has been described as not fit for purpose.”

If anybody within Scottish Government can share statistics on the number of Tier 2 and ICT migrants working on the CAPS/SAF project and details of the agencies they are coming through, then please contact alan <dot> jenkins 54 <at>