Dom’s Diary – 16.09.2016 – flowers for Nicola 

What can you say!

It’s been a busy time, but still making a pretty packet from the CAP system.

Must remember to send some flowers to the First Minister. Couldn’t have done this if she’d actually got off her arse.

Need to thank Napoleon as well. Need to think about how I’m gonna do that – don’t want to be accused to bribing a public sector Director.

Still nothing from Scottish Police. Four of them sat round a table closing Polish Restaurants cos that’s much less complicated than looking into Tier2 visas.

Talking of visas. What a result – BREXIT. Yay! Now we just need to get the cap raised on Tier2 visas because of BREXIT and we will never need to employ a Scottish person again.

Flowers for Nicola. Best not forget.


Dom’s Diary – 23.05.2016 – still can’t spend it as fast as I’m making it 

Think you had Loadsamoney? Chump change! Try Scottish Government. You’ve never lived til you’ve sponsored a Tier2 for a public purse contract. They just chuck it at you

Hey guys – still living the fast life.

Opened a couple of restaurants now and been glammin it up in London.

Still can’t spend it as fast as I am making it. Big thank you to @scotsgov.

Anyway. How’s Scotland?

Did I miss anything? 

Dom’s Diary – 01.02.2016 – having a good giggle at Blockhead’s Bullshit

Boy am I glad to be out of there. I’ve made my money thank you very much and time to move on to something else.

Little Napoleon’s the captain of that sinking ship now. Oh, and Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber.

Can’t complain too much – I’ve made my money and even used my own agency for a while too.

Think I might open a restaurant in London. 

Got to hand it to Blockhead though. He really is clueless. I really thought he’d admit that the ship was sinking come the end of January – but no. 

I might just have to start running a book on when it finally dawns on him!


Thanks for the money 😎

Dom’ Diary – 14.01.2016 – NFUS getting arsey 

So here it is from the NFUS

Moving forward, our clear position remains that 90 percent of business should be receiving 90 percent of their BPS and Greening payments by the end of January and anything less is unacceptable given the current circumstances that farmers and crofters find themselves in.

Tell me this. What are you gonna do when we miss? Sack us? Think again.

Thanks for all the money btw 😜

Dom’s Diary – Christmas 2015

Yo ho Ho
Merry Christmas to me
Thank you Scottish Government
I’m rich as can be

Yo ho ho
Glad tidings to me
Stuff the Scottish Farmers
It’s all about me

Yo ho ho
I’m drinking champagne
And toasting all the idiots
Cos next year’s the same!

I love Christmas. 

The slaves are working through it cos if they don’t we’ll cancel their Tier 2 visas and send them back to India without even a bean! 

And I get a cut of every hour they do!

Meanwhile I’m at home in my new £1.5million house, log fire burning, feet up and champagne in hand.

Yo ho ho!