Corporate Colin: Get back in your box Theresa May or we’ll shut you down!

Well you’ll excuse me if I have a little rant but when you’re a Director in a multi-billion Corporation, I find it a little frustrating when some jumped up woman who wasn’t even voted in to Government suddenly starts cutting down on the immigration deals that we set up with David Cameron and Gary Osborne or whatever his name was.

Listen Theresa.  We were here long before you muddled your way into the role of Prime Minister and we’ll be here long after you’ve gone.  We’ve already put Sturgeon back in her box  and got her singing the company song and it’s about time you started singing along as well.

So, what has got me so riled?

Well, everybody knows we make more money if we bring migrants over here to replace the British workers.  They’re cheaper, they’ll work all night if we tell them, and you can get twelve of them to share a bedroom.  Agreed, they’re feckin useless but when you’ve got Ministers paying you out of the public purse – who gives a shit!  The Government’s not going to stop it.  Every time they raise the issue, we tell them there’s a skills crisis and we need more migrants.  Gary Osborne knew his place and David Cameron just did as Osborne told him.

So, now we’ve got this jumped up woman as Prime Minister and she’s started asking questions.  First she refuses to increase migration limits from India and then she starts saying “we’re going to crack down on bosses that play the game.”

Well I have one message for you little woman.  Bring IT!

We’ve got money, we’ve got you by the balls with your IT systems and we can bring your whole public sector crashing down around your ears if you don’t do as your told.  Silly little woman.

In fact – we’ve got you stitched up like a kipper

  • We screw you over with your computer systems. Under-estimating and over-running.  We get paid billions for our systems whether they work or not
  • Every time you raise the issue, we say Skills Crisis and bring more people in
  • We can sack UK workers without a second thought because no Minister is going to take us on – UK Law, EU Law – go feck yourselves.  We’re too big
  • If anybody over here in the Industry raises any questions then we blacklist them so they can never work again
  • We tell you that we need apprentices over here but that they need to be trained.  So we get you to pay us to employ British apprentices so it looks good, and we charge you for the training as well – just as it should be.  And then we sack them as soon as you’ve finished paying and we bring in more Migrants.
  • You try and shut us down, and we’ll shut your IT infrastructure down.  Try it – Air Traffic Control, Flights, Fuel, Utilities, Tax, DWP, NHS, even Passport Control and Immigration – you name it, we control it and we can shut it down whenever we want and there’s feck all you can do about it


So Theresa May.  Learn one thing.  We control your IT.  We own you as a Government and a country and if we want to sack British Workers and bring in cheap migrants to make more money for our shareholders – we will!  And not you, not Brexit and not even Trump can stop us.

Try it.

We’ll shut you down!





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