Corporate Colin – 09.10.2016 – Sir Keir Starmer – your cheque is in the post

As always I like to keep my finger on the political pulse and be ready to throttle it if it doesn’t say what we tell it to. Equally, I’m all for rewarding a politician who does a good job of “fetching the stick” as we call it in the corporate world.

David Cameron was one of the best stick fetchers we’ve ever had, and Tony Blair before him (so long as he got a percentage of the stick). The problem is though that with Government in disarray, finding stick fetchers is very difficult.

Anyway, either cos he actually believes the crap that we’ve been telling him, or because he’s expecting a pat on the head for doing a good job – but Sir Keir Starmer has done a perfect job on the Andrew Marr show today -and for that sir you deserve a pat  on the head and a doggy treat.

I’m paraphrasing but my favourite bit was “Every where I travel around the country it is clear there is a skills crisis.”

I couldn’t have put it better myself. There’s a “skills crisis” which is why we’re bringing food foragers over that we can pay peanuts rather than the proper going rate in the UK.

There is no skills crisis. This is all about us corporate fat cats making us much money as we can out of the cheapest people we can find. We say skills crisis and the stick fetchers don’t even question it. I particularly love the dumb ones.

Anyway, Sir Keir, your little doggy treat is on its way šŸ˜€


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