Corporate Colin – 08.10.16 – we’re not racist, we just pay as little as we can

Hi guys,

My name is Colin and I am the CEO of a multi-national IT company that was originally founded in America, although nearly everything is now based in India.
I just wanted to put the record straight on all these Tier2 visas and H1B visas, because I know some  people have started to question the practise.

First of all, we’re not underpaying these people. If we weren’t paying them enough then I’m sure they’d simply stay at home foraging  for food and living off the land as they were when we found them.

Secondly, we aren’t treating  these people badly at all. Back in their country you will often find two or three whole families sharing a house which is no bigger than my front porch, so to have 11 or 12 people sharing a two bedroom apartment in Edinburgh is really a step up.

Thirdly, we don’t abuse their employment rights because as your politicians will confirm – they have no employment rights. The alternative for them is a life of foraging  for food so obviously they WANT to do all these extra hours just to please us – and they never ask for more money. It is nothing to do with us abusing them, they abuse themselves. We simply let them.

Fourthly, I know their skills have been brought into question, but they’re cheap. OK, we charge the government the same as we would for a UK or US worker and make an absolutely massive profit, but that is business. It’s called global economics. It’s not abuse and it would be wrong for the Government to pay us less for migrant workers just because of the colour of their skin.

Finally, we don’t abuse the indigenous workers here in the UK or in the US. They simply don’t want to work  for us for what we are willing to pay. Again, that is called global economics. We are more than willing to consider any UK or US worker who is willing to share with 10 other people in a two bedroom apartment, work 20 hours a day without overtime and supplement their income by foraging for food.

Finally, please don’t listen to these people who criticise us big corporations for the way we use migrant workers. They’re just anti immigration and bigots.


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