17,410,472 people spoke. Not a single minister heard what they said!

Government incentivises migrant workers to replace British workers – http://www.migrationwatchuk.org/briefing-paper/224

I live in multi-ethnic, multi-cultural Britain. My neighbours include British-Polish, British-Spanish, British-Indian, British-Pakistani, British-Kosovan, British-Chinese and the White British that everybody thinks of when you simply say British.

We all live peacefully together. Our children learn and play together. We have a nice little community.

I voted out. They voted out.


Not because we are racists.

Because we are all sick of being discriminated against ourselves for being British!

Where I work – one IT company provides 90% of the staff. Every single member of staff they supply has been brought in from India. They do not employ a single British person – not one. Even a British-Indian who applied to work for them was turned down because it is cheaper to bring Indians in from India than it is to employ any British person and that includes British-Indians.

Our neighbours report similar and worse with cheap EU migrants.

Even in work we do not hate or even dislike these people. They are people just like us. They have families and children to care for – just like us. They are more of us.

It is the corrupt system we hate.

It is a government we despise – that incentivises corporate racism and discrimination against British people.

It is a government we resent – that erodes British Industry.

A government that brings in 20,000 nurses from abroad but refuses to train 20,000 British people who want to be nurses

A government that tells us there is a skills crisis when we have the skills they are looking for

A government that drove out the one man band plumbers, brickies, sparkies and pampered to their corporate buddies and sponsors

We have been telling them about this for years.

They did not listen.

We do not hate immigrants

We hate what you have done to our country

We hate what you have done to us

Last Thursday 17 million, 410 thousand, 472 people all spoke together. With one voice.

Not a single MP listened!


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