David Cameron to be replaced by “highly skilled” Tier2 migrant

With the advent of #brexit the Government has decided that David Cameron no longer has the skills for the job.

Not having been outside the EU for over 30 years, the problem is that nobody in the UK has the requisite skills to run the country.

In a last minute press release the Immigration Minister has announced that Tier2 migrants, all of whom have been brought up outside the EU, are therefore eminently more qualified to run the country in David Cameron’s stead.

What’s more, with the current minimum salary of £20,800 for a Tier2 migrant the Government is projected to make a substantial saving. 

Combined with the current tax incentives for Tier2 migrants, such as including expenses as part of the salary, David Cameron’s replacement – much like the IT workers he flooded the market with – can reduce their salary to below the tax paying threshold effectively avoiding all tax and NI contributions to the public purse.

In a statement, someone purporting to be David Cameron said “How can I possibly compete with that. It’s not fair. It’s not as if I’m a pleb or anything – I’m highly skilled. I worked hard to get where I am and funded all my own training. I have a mortgage, wife and children to support. What kind of Government destroys UK livelihoods in such a callous manner, just to save a few pennies.”


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