UKBA FOI raises question – were CAP system migrant workers here illegally?

In a FOI response into the question of Tier2 visas and ICTs which were consistently used on the fiasco that is the CAP system, it would appear from the UKBAs own statement that most of these people were brought here illegally.

‘All migrants must be paid an appropriate salary rate to ensure that the resident labour market is not undercut’

This is not the case. Many workers on the project found their roles advertised for a fraction of the going rate before the Tier2 migrants joined the project.

The job that the Certificate of Sponsorship Checking Service entry records that the person is being sponsored to do:

(ii) is for the sole purpose of transferring skills to or from the Sponsor’s UK work environment. The appointment must be additional to staffing requirements, that is the role in the UK would not exist but for the need for skills transfer.

This again is not the case. No skills transfer took place and the role was used to replace UK workers.


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