Have Scottish Police been gagged? FOI request reveals 86 Tier 2 migrants sponsored by CAP System Delivery Director

have the police been gagged? and if so – who by?

The Scottish Government is still reeling from the aftermath of a highly critical Audit report into the disastrous CAP System, and the conflict of interest upon which Scottish Government failed to act for 8 months.

To recap, the Delivery Director is alleged to have had the authority to screen, hire and fire workers and his influence in the process was deemed to be a conflict of interest. Yet he went on to supply some 87 workers to the CAP system project through an agency that he personally owned and appeared on a list of preferred suppliers to the Scottish Government despite at the time having unaudited accounts that reflected assets of less than £100k. His next accounts, released earlier this year reflected assets of some £3.5million.

To add to Scottish Government’ problems it transpires that  a recent FOI request now shows that Spectromax Solutions, the agency owned by the ex Delivery Director sponsored 86 Tier2 migrant workers in the period up to November 2015.

This figure is one less that the number of Spectromax contractors alleged to be still working on the CAP system.

So, why is this of import and why are ex staff alleging that some sort of visa fraud may have taken place?

Quite simply, the guidelines are that Tier2 migrants must be highly skilled and should not replace indigenous workers even if the indigenous workers have inferior skills.

With clear guidelines the concern is therefore that even if the indigenous workers that the Delivery Director had removed had less skills than his new recruits, his actions contravened the Tier2 visa guidelines.

However, team leaders from the project have complained that the replacements were frequently far inferior to the staff they replaced and other developers have claimed that this was instrumental in the CAP system failure and subsequent meltdown of the Scottish rural economy.

The question remains – what of the much hyped police investigation? Why has nobody in Scottish Government faced an investigation into misconduct in public office? And where are the politicians who were screaming public inquiry? Combined, the opposition now outnumbers the installed Government so surely this issue could be forced?



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