Dom’s Diary – 9th June, 2016 – revelling in CAP EU extension – as SNP buries CAP failure under Education

what a load of bollox. public sector will sign anything cos shit floats and never gets fired – just retired! Time and materials, bottomless public purse, you name it! 😎

Wow guys! What a result. All my guys have just been extended until mid-October and they’ve been told to slow down and take a breather.

October is months away and so panic over! Feet up, relax, but keep doing the overtime (cos I want my cut). Only now you can go into work and read a book or watch a video or something! Just do it in there so that I can charge!

We’ve got them over a barrel anyway – there’s not a single Scottish person knows the system – I made certain of that when I sacked them. So if they want any system at all they’ll need to keep me sweet!


Nice of the SNP to let me off the hook too – so they can cover their own arses! Let’s focus on Education, not CAP. The opposition will soon forget – sheep the lot of them!

Education! What a joke. Nobody’s going to employ them. They’ll keep outsourcing to me and I don’t do Scottish! Remember.

I’m a preferred supplier now – and Digital too! Thank you very much Scottish Government πŸ‘πŸ’°πŸ’°


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