Scottish Government knives out for CAP system whistleblowers

It has been alleged that permanent staff who raised and continue to raise concerns about the CAP system both to senior managers and to Audit Scotland have been discriminated against by HR and senior civil servants.

Amongst the allegations:

Some staff who were on a trial period of 9 months apparently raised issues and first had their trial period extended and then were dismissed

Other staff were put on permanent gardening leave in the hope that they would resign out of boredom

Cheap words from John Swinney

It would appear that whilst John Swinney would like to ‘thank the whistleblower’ Scottish Government itself would like to seek out and destroy whistleblowers.

Same people discriminating

Interesting to note is that the same names keep popping up in the discrimination claims leading to concerns that some senior civil servants may have a vested interest in silencing whistleblowers and that certain members of HR may be trying to cover up their own failings


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