UKBA: CAP System visa abuses not properly investigated ‘because it is easier to close a Polish restaurant than it is to regulate IT Corporations’

The banks were too big to fail, and IT corporations are too big to regulate according to an ‘off the record’ chat from an investigator for the UKBA.

Our contact informs us: “It’s easier for us to close a Polish restaurant than it is for us to investigate Tier2 and ICT visa abuse. A Polish restaurant doesn’t have big fancy lawyers.”

“And then we have senior ministers and politicians telling us to leave India alone, so we don’t even have the support of the Government.”

Of the 400,000 Indian visas issued every year we are told, “Sure. Some will go home when their visas expire but they’re in the minority. Most will stay and we don’t even try to control that. We just don’t have the manpower, even if we had the support.”

According to Government records – 97% of 400,000 work visas are issued to people from India alone – EVERY year.

That’s some 4 million Indian migrants who have moved to the UK whilst David Cameron has been in power.

This year so far, 2 major banks have laid off 2,000 staff and BA have replaced nearly 1,000 with Indian workers. HP has announced some 8,000 job cuts and IBM is to decimate its workforce. At the same time we have the highest level of IT Graduate unemployment from British universities that are so good that the government issues tens of thousands of Tier5 visas for immigrants to study here.

Something is clearly very wrong.

And yet, David Cameron sponsors more and more migrant workers to the UK EVERY YEAR to take British jobs.


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