Did the Scottish Government pay the Delivery Director’s “conflict of interest” agency £2million per month in commission? and how much are they still paying?

The Scottish Government has been very cagey about monies paid to Spectromax Solutions, the company owned by the CAP system Delivery Director.

Spectromax supplied a large number of the staff who replaced workers ultimately removed from that project by the same Delivery Director – a conflict of interest picked up by the Audit Commission in their damning report into the CAP system debacle.

Many of the replacement staff it is claimed were Tier2 migrants – known by industry workers for being cheap and unfortunately associated most often with project failure than project success because of their exaggerated skills.

In the case of the CAP system, one team leader reported that 

“On paper I was given 7 senior developers(5 from specromax) and 2 senior testers(1 from specromax). After around 2-3 weeks into the sprint, having delegated the initial stories out to various developers, it was clear that these senior dev’s were clearly junior dev’s being charged out at senior rates.”

 The Audit Commission report claims that Spectromax provided the majority of the most expensive contractors to the CAP project.

However, adverts placed by them suggest that they were one of the lowest payers.
FOI requests about pay rates have been refused but with the minimum required salary for a Tier2 migrant being £20,800 per year – equivalent to £80 gross per day; and unconfirmed rumours that Spectromax staff were being charged out at up to £800 per day – this means that Spectromax was making anything up to a whopping £700 per day per person in commission.

With the Audit Commission reporting that Spectromax supplied around 100 staff, this means that Spectromax cut of the public purse payments could have been as much as £70,000 per day – or £2million per month

Obviously this is conjecture – but perhaps it is time for Scottish Government to come clean about payments.

Hopefully a Public Inquiry will get to the bottom of this.

If these figures are shown to be even close to the truth then serious questions need to be asked about the Scottish Government senior officials who allowed this to happen and whether or not their behaviour constituted misconduct in public office.

Also is it not time for some of this money to be clawed back!


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