Public outcry as Audit Scotland report blows the lid on CAP System

A computer hacker
The Audit Scotland report into the CAP system debacle is out amidst renewed calls for a criminal investigation and a public inquiry.

Some workers who were let go and replaced by workers coming through the Delivery Director’s own agency are considering legal action.

There are also calls for senior civil servants to be held accountable for the ongoing debacle and for an investigation into any misconduct in public office – something that can carry a jail term.

“If it can be shown that any criminal activity took place,” one person told us, “then the police should consider any assets to be the proceeds of crime and they should be confiscated. This will send a clear message that plundering the public purse is not acceptable.”

“For too long, public sector IT projects have rewarded failure and it needs to stop.”

The audit report can be found here: audit-report


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