Government blames Global Economy for spiralling cost of CAP system 

“Don’t blame us for the spiralling cost of the CAP system,” a Government spokeswoman said yesterday, “blame the global economy.”

“If it wasn’t for the global economy then there wouldn’t be such a pool of cheaper resources available and it wouldn’t have cost more money.”

“You see, if we had used local firms they would have charged us more and delivered on time and within our £68million budget.”

“As it is, because they would have charged us more, we turned to the global economy and got better value for money by using cheaper resources.”

“We didn’t know that they would fail to deliver or that that they would overrun by £100million. After all that has never happened before.”

“It’s all down to the global economy.”

“Anyway – it’s only public money. We can get more of that from the tax payer – if we can find anybody who has still got a job that pays taxes.”

“That global economy thing again.”


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