You’re fired, sorry I mean retired!

As the CAP system drags on like a wounded animal that just refuses to die, as the costs continue to spiral, as the reward for failure increases by the day and as senior figures at Scottish Government look increasingly likely to be facing some serious questions;  rumour is that staff at Scottish Government are running a book on who will be taking early retirement this year.

The Rural Payments debacle trundles on costing £1000s every day and it is anticipated that senior civil servants will respond like any other failing or failed civil servant: retire early with a large pension pot and leave somebody else to clean up the mess.

One member of staff said that the odds on the head of HR retiring this year have been slashed, as have the odds on some of the key figures involved in the CAP system.

“It would be nice if just once the Government started clawing back the tens of millions it pays out for IT disasters and if those senior civil servants involved were also held accountable for frivolity with the public purse.”


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