Indian IT consultancy fined $1billion for allegedly stealing trade secrets

How safe is our data? How safe is our software? How safe are our businesses? How safe is our infrastructure?

Could terrorists and thieves infiltrate software development projects? Could they shut down banks?  Could they shut down transport? Oil? Gas?

Could they shut down the military with a software switch? Could they disable the government? Could the country or your business be held to ransom?

Could they destabilise the economy?

Could they steal trade secrets? Could they steal classified information?

These are all questions that we have asked before. We’ve all heard stories about personal details being stolen and sold.

But just how vulnerable are we really?

A recent court case in America raises some troubling questions about the UK love affair with outsourcing and offshoring IT projects.

Just what could be the possible consequences if our IT solution providers were compromised or had ulterior motives?


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