Corporate IT Director admits Government failure is fuelling outsourcing and work visa “race to the bottom”

He’s an IT director of a major corporate and he’s responsible for a team of 15,000 IT developers in India and sponsors thousands every year to come into the UK on Tier2 visas and ICTs in order to replace British workers with cheap labour.

Outside the office, he’s a very pleasant mild-mannered man with a lovely wife, children being put through private school and a multi million pound house in the rural South.

“People think I’m rich.” He tells us, “but the truth is we both work long hours and we’ve climbed the corporate ladder and upsized our home several times to get to where we are now. Yes, we’ve bought our dream home but we’re far from rich and we have a backlog of work to do on the house as and when we can afford it.”

Our conversation turns to offshoring and also the Tier2 and ICT visa debacle.  

We ask him…

“You’ve got children. What kind of future will they have if you kill all the IT jobs here in the UK.”

His answer is telling.

“I know. I fear for them. I really do; but like everybody else – I have a mortgage and bills to pay now. If we don’t cut costs to the bone using cheap labour then somebody will undercut us and we lose the business and I can’t make my payments.”

So what of the future. He admits that he is living in the now. He admits there is no skills crisis but there is a ruthless race to the bottom with multi-billion corporations trying to undercut each other for the never ending pool of public money and no UK jobs will be safe until the Government itself stops them.

And will the Government stop them?

Not as long as politicians and ministers can be bought.


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