CAP System part payments will take a further 3 years…

Well for once the Scottish Government is being a little more honest – publishing figures that show that of the 5000+ part payments still outstanding for Scottish farmers, only 33 were made last week.

With only two months left to meet the deadline for making full payments – at a new rate of 33 payments per week as the SAFs become more complicated, it is going to take a further 3 years to complete part payments.

Then, there is the balance to follow. Remember. These are only part payments.

So, who is taking responsibility for this carnage?

As we wrote a few days ago – there is a new Delivery Director in town – tasked with fixing the mess left by his predecessor.

We acknowledged that his task is far from easy and that there is still a massive risk of failure depending on how big a mess he has inherited.

So – of the people who left the mess. A few questions:

– will ministers and senior civil servants be “removed from post” as recommended to The Commons after the DEFRA debacle with Rural Payments in 2005?

– will the Scottish Government claw back the millions paid to the previous Delivery Director and his various companies?

– will Senior Civil Servants be penalised?

– will future contracts be cancelled / reviewed?

–   will the criminal investigation be reinvigorated or have Government forces buried it?

– will there be a public inquiry?

– and whilst we’re asking questions: has a single Scottish trainee been recruited for the free Spectromax IT training yet or will they simply fill future work with hundreds more Tier2 migrants and repeat the failures of the CAP system?


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