CAP System: There’s a new man in town and he may just deliver!

It’s not really news any more but rumour is that the new CAP System Delivery Director from CGI is going down well.

Like a new broom, the new Delivery Director is rumoured to be sweeping up the mess from his predecessor, with workers (that replaced the UK workers last year) being put on notice to improve. Many have now been let go.

There’s a new openness with weekly online updates for the farming community and renewed hope within the ranks. Expectations are being managed. Contractors brought in by the previous Delivery Director are no longer being allowed to “milk the system”. There is a clamp-down on overtime and working from home and confidence is increasing. 

“In 2015, it appeared that CGI were pretty much pushed out by a collaborative coup between power hungry newly appointed Scottish Government management and Spectromax top man Dominic Prabhu.” One person on site told us.

“At the time the CGI top man on site released an email to the project notifying the whole team that Dominic was in charge and reporting directly to the SG top man for the project. It came across as the overthrown General making certain the ranks understood who was to blame for what would follow.”

“What followed is public knowledge as the project became a delivery disaster.”

“The new CGI Delivery Director is cleaning up and confidence is increasing. He has a mammoth task to sort out the mess of his predecessor, but he may just turn it around.”

“He may just deliver.”


One thought on “CAP System: There’s a new man in town and he may just deliver!

  1. Great news. The site does seem to be working better. The local officers must be relieved. They have been outstanding under the circumstances.


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