Police and Audit Scotland to trawl through Scottish Government CAP Project emails?

Following allegations by ScottishSAF2016 that racist jokes and cartoons were distributed throughout the CAP System project using Scottish Government email servers it is our understanding that complaints have been referred to the police and Audit Scotland.

Separate allegations of threatening and menacing emails being sent to the team by Dominic Prabhu and his management team have also been referred to the police and Audit Scotland apparently.

It is our understanding that these complaints are sufficiently serious to warrant a full investigation and will empower the authorities to take the necessary action of trawling through Scottish Government emails without facing the usual impediment to investigation that Scottish Government provides.

“This is great news,” one member of staff told us, “as this will require full access to all emails and I am certain the authorities will uncover a lot of information that will assist their existing investigation into visa abuse and fraud in the process.”

“I very much doubt they will find any evidence of racist material as everybody thinks those allegations were completely false – but if it gets them searching through emails without SG blocking them – that has to be a good thing.”


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