Industry specialists sceptical over new Spectromax training initiative 

A company involved in the controversial £178 million IT system at the centre of a storm over delayed payments to farmers has set out plans to create more than 300 jobs in Scotland.

Industry specialists who worked on the project during the reign of Dominic Prabhu who owns Spectromax Solutions – the company behind Spectromax Scotland  have already expressed concerns.

“The press release is looking for circa 300 people to be trained up, but will these people be employed or will they be subcontracted and then disposed of when the work dries up?” One industry specialist asked.

“Comprehensive training to the standard required for these public sector positions would need an investment of £10,000 to £20,000 per person and then somebody  with those skills should be able to command a salary of  circa £30,000 per year.”

“That would  require an investment of £50,000 per person in the first year. That’s £15 million pounds for 300 people. The numbers just don’t stack up.”

“This is a company that published accounts showing assets of under £100k before the CAP System deal – and now they have £15 million to invest in training and employing 300 people? ”

Another consultant had this to say, 

“on the CAP project, Spectromax ran adverts for hundreds of people about a month before filling the project with Tier2 migrants.”

“Apparently the adverts were a requirement of the Tier 2 Visa process and had to run for a month before it could be said that nobody responded and so migrant workers could be justified.

“My concern is that history is repeating itself and that, like before, these adverts will be followed by a massive influx of Tier 2 migrants instead of 300 Scottish jobs for Scottish people.”

“Time will tell.”


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