Confusion as Scottish Government and it’s Delivery Director try to explain what went on at CAP System project 

Anybody who has read the press articles about the disastrous Scottish government CAP System project could be forgiven for being confused about what actually happened with the developers on this project, who was actually running the project and where the buck stops for this unmitigated disaster.

One question that has never actually been answered is who appointed Dominic Prabhu as the Delivery Director and who approved the replacing of UK Contractors  with Tier2 migrant workers that came through the agency Spectromax Solutions – an agency owned by the Delivery Director.

When it comes to the explanations being offered by the Scottish government and then the various explanations from the ex – Delivery Director Dominic Prabhu  just in the last month alone, it is hard to build up a consistent picture of events.

According to Scottish Government – “There is no direct contractual relationship between Spectromax or Mr Prabhu and the Scottish Government, and therefore no conflict of interest.” (Express)

But according to the Times which secured an interview with Dominic – [Dominic] joined the project in August 2014 and six months later was given a senior role by the Scottish government

When talking  to the BBC, the Scottish Government told us    

and Dominic told us   

but Dominic himself tells us in the Times : 

“People were marking overtime left, right and centre, laughing and milking the money. I stopped it.”

He then goes on to explain that 

 the use of his company [Spectromax Solutions] was approved by senior civil servants.

But if there was no relationship between Scottish Government and Spectromax then why did senior civil servants need to approve it supplying contractors to the project? And if, as they say, the relationship was between CGI (the company that actually won the tender for the project) and Spectromax – then why would an agency relationship need senior civil servants  to approve it. Why wasn’t this done for every agency that supplied staff to CGI if they did it for Spectromax ?

More importantly, if Spectromax was a supplier to CGI then why was it listed as a separate supplier on the Scottish government documents that were shown on the BBC and not simply listed as CGI or Contractor like everybody else?

So, in a nutshell what we have gleaned from the recent press articles and the plethora of statements from Scottish Government and Dominic is that the stories don’t appear to add up.

Dominic was given a senior role by Scottish Government but they deny any contractual relationship with him – which makes you wonder what the relationship was that was not contractual  but led to them giving him the role – especially when you consider that CGI had won the contract to deliver the system and had their own Delivery Director.

And there was no direct contractual relationship between Scottish Government and Dominic’s company Spectromax but the use of his company was approved by senior civil servants.

Clear as mud – hopefully a Public Inquiry can get to the bottom of it!

In the meantime the whole system has become a total disaster so whatever the reasons and whoever made the decisions – it looks like they were wrong!


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