More austerity as British jobs sent offshore and cheap Tier2 Migrant workers used by foreign corporations to undermine British Workforce

“The Scottish Government CAP IT System is just the tip of the iceberg and it’s destroying working Britain”

Strong words from displaced IT workers but in the last ten years £45billion has been wasted on failed public sector IT contracts.

That’s enough money to obviate all austerity measures in Scotland and to make a significant dent in austerity measures in the UK as a whole.

Then look at the number of IT jobs sent offshore – some 2.5million jobs each year.

MFinally consider the Government pledge to process 400,000 migrant worker applications from India alone – every year – and to approve 97%.

In a ten year, two term Government that is 25million jobs sent offshore and  3.88million migrants brought into the country from India alone – a government pledge.

If these migrants continue working in the UK for 5 years they can apply for residency.

To put it in simple terms, if the Government stopped discriminating against its own workers and controlled the influx of migrant workers then there would be no requirement for austerity at all.

The Scottish Government CAP System, which Richard Lochhead has all but admitted was beyond the technical ability of the migrant workforce that was brought into the country to do the work, epitomises what happens to IT projects that use these people.

  • Contracts are set up with suppliers that reward failure
  • Failure becomes more profitable than success
  • Workers are committed to longevity rather than success in order to pursue residency
  • Systems fail
  • End users are denied a working solution
  • The government has to make cuts to pat for the ongoing failure

A quick note to Richard Lochhead who is once again citing that the CAP Sytem was very complicated:

It was clearly too complicated for the contractor who won the contract and for the workers they brought into the country to do the job. That is a reflection on them – not on the problem.

If it is so complicated then why is it that most farmers can put together a rough estimate on the “back of a fag packet”?

Stop making the same excuses – they’re becoming tiresome – and nobody believes you anyway!£186m-transformational-ict-outsourcing-and-digital-services-contract-to-cgi


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