Uproar as Scottish Government staff learn senior management “may qualify for bonuses for Delivering Cap System”

Scottish Government staff have expressed outrage that senior management on the CAP system “may qualify for bonuses for delivering the system whilst the majority of Scottish Government staff have heard there will be no bonuses.”

Staff and contractors alike have also expressed concern over allegations made by the ex Delivery Director about contractors milking the system.

“These allegations are simply not true. In fact they better describe the work ethic of the people he brought in.” One contractor told us.

“The whole system was fraught with problems,” another SG employee told us, “and it was server downtime that left contractors and staff unable to do their jobs. It has nothing to do with being work shy! Scottish Government management were repeatedly told about the issues and seemed impotent when it came to resolving them.”

Another person told us, “Scottish Government staff have also complained about being sidelined on the project by the CAP System management team.”

“The leadership team was meant to answer these concerns but have not done so. Staff  have become thoroughly demoralised as a result.”


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