Sources claim that CAP System management lost 12 man years and spent over £2.5million just changing desks and bringing in Spectromax contractors

Sources who worked on the project during the Prabhu Dynasty have claimed that they were required to change teams, offices and even buildings as frequently as twice a month.

Even if this happened just once per month, the sheer scale of the changes often meant a down time of 1 day per person per change as equipment was moved and seasoned staff were brought up to speed with the differing requirements of different aspects of the project.

Overall, some 300 staff losing one day’s work leads to over 300 man days disruption per change and even with just one such change per month this leads to a staggering 1,800 man days work lost in a 6 month period – or over 5 man years.

With contractors being charged to the Scottish Government at in excess of £600/day once the various suppliers such as Spectromax, CGI and other independent agencies have taken their cut, it is estimated that a loss of 5 man years cost the public purse in excess of £1million as well as the delay and disruption to the project.

Further claims have been made that it often took as long as 6 weeks for new staff to come up to speed with this vast project and the complex team and technology infrastructure. 

Further delays were caused by the requirement to complete security clearance before accessing key computer systems, which took up to a month for indigenous workers and longer for Tier 2 migrants.

With these figures it would appear that just onboarding the 87 Spectromax contractors  would have cost the Scottish Government an additional  2,500 man days (7 man years) in time and some £1.5million in actual money as they, as unseasoned workers, were brought up to speed.


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