Guest Post – 06.03.2016 – the CAP System Delivery Director that didn’t

In the Sunday Times this week Dominic Prabhu, the CAP System Delivery Director who left in January but who still supplies 87 contractors to the project suggested the problems that had beset the project were not unique.

“I’ve been working in the IT industry for years and I regularly find that relatively simple projects end up spiralling out of control for one reason or another,” said Prabhu, who is based in Surrey.

“Whether due to a miscommunication higher up the chain, a poor work ethic on the ground floor, or often a combination of the two, the amount of money that can potentially be wasted through overall project mismanagement can be staggering.”

Who is responsible for ensuring that projects don’t spiral out of control? Whose job is it to ensure that money is not wasted and the project is well managed?

The Delivery Director.

It’s the Delivery Director’s responsibility to ensure that a service is delivered effectively and efficiently.

Tell us, Prabhu, who was the Delivery Director on this project? Does he take any responsibility for the fiasco?

You say that it’s down to poor management or a poor work ethic. Is the work ethic actually poor?

“People were marking overtime left, right and centre, laughing and milking the money. I stopped it.”

So you sorted out the poor work ethic over a year ago?

That means that it could only be poor management that led to the current fiasco. What was your role, Prabhu?

Were you the Delivery Director managing this project?

Do you accept any responsibility?

A Delivery Director is like a wedding planner. It’s their job to make sure that the whole thing works.

Would you have hired a wedding planner for your big fancy wedding if they had said to you “I’ve been doing weddings for years, and I regularly find that relatively simple weddings spiral out of control.”

Of course not, because it’s their job to stop that happening.

Was it your job to keep this project under control? What about all those other projects you’ve seen fall apart, were you managing those as well?

– GB


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