CAP System -Spectromax deal “was approved by senior civil servants”

Whilst the Scottish Government continues with it’s same rhetoric that “There is no direct contractual relationship between Spectromax or Mr Prabhu and the Scottish Government, and therefore no conflict of interest.”, Dominic Prabhu the Delivery Director of the CAP System between August 2014 and January 2016 has claimed that the Spectromax deal “was approved by senior civil servants”.

The Sunday Times and the Sunday Express have today both run stories on the CAP System failure with a focus on Dominic Prabhu and his company Spectromax Solutions which he has confirmed currently supplies “87 contractors” to the project.

Indeed from the figures quoted it appears that he let go 267 highly skilled contractors and brought in an additional “87 contractors” through his own company – many on Tier 2 visas. Having first been  “given a senior role by the Scottish government” and then the deal to supply these contractors having been “approved by senior civil servants”, the benefit to Dominic himself was a “4,300 per cent” increase in company assets.

According to the Express police have confirmed that “enquiries are ongoing” into the abuse of Tier 2 visas and this confirmation that Spectromax actually supplied contractors will be of considerable interest to them as the Tier 2 system is designed to exclude contractors. 

Of equal interest will be whether or not any Tier 2 workers failed to return home after their work at Scottish Government was concluded as this is a requirement of the visa legislation.

As for replacing  267 contractors with Spectromax contractors having the effect of “reducing costs and improving efficiency” as claimed, it is instead claimed by one ex Team Leader on the project that instead “some really good people, skillwise and humanwise, [were] removed from the office just because they disagreed with the direction and management of the project.”

This Team Leader who “jumped ship before being pushed” goes on to state that:

“I was provided with a new team. On paper I was given 7 senior developers(5 from specromax) and 2 senior testers(1 from specromax). After around 2-3 weeks into the sprint, having delegated the initial stories out to various developers, it was clear that these senior dev’s were clearly junior dev’s being charged out at senior rates. Suddenly, I realised that myself and 2 dev’s I had taken with me from my previous team had to deliver around 80% of the sprints codebase due to lack of technical skills provided by the management.”

Sources close to the project have told us that they believe “senior civil servants need to be held fully accountable for the failure of the CAP system and should be brought before a public inquiry.”


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