Developer Dan – 6th February 2015 – mutiny on the good ship CAP System

 Diary of a CAP System Developer

Around 20-30 UK seasoned workers have been removed from the project every week since November 2014 to make way for the cheaper Tier2 or ICT replacements.

These guys are predominantly coming through Spectromax Solutions – owned by Dominic – who has been stomping around Saughton House like Scottish Government itself reports to him.

The atmosphere and effect on our delivery has been so bad that some CGI permanent staff have threatened to resign if they are not taken off the project. 

For the rest of us it is business as usual but for some, Dom’s management team has actually stopped giving them work to do and so they just come in and nervously wait for the axe to drop.

Then today we get  an email forwarded to the whole team by Colin Brown the CGI Project Director and most senior CGI man on site. This time he has signed off as just plain old Colin. No more job title – speaks volumes.

To people on the team it reads like the hand wash of all hand washes from the victim of an internal coup.

The consensus is that Dominic has gone from nothing on the project to Delivery Director in a matter of weeks with his mate Ian to lay waste to anybody who gets in his way and CGI’s top man on site has just fallen.

Spectromax people line the corridors. 

Overtime pizzas have become overtime curries and people, including management, now talk only on Tamil – pushing the rest of us out and isolating us from project decisions. 

It’s unthinkable on a Government project and on a government site but SG management and HR  seem to be deliberately looking the other way.

U.K. contractors and CGI permanent staff have been laid waste and this email we have just received today comes across as “we’ve given up and this is who to blame – it’s their problem now – let them own it…”

So, this today from plain old Colin…

 A list of  about 30 staff – contractors and CGI permanent were listed as being removed from the project. For many, this email was the first time they heard about it.

For the rest of us, we have survived this weeks cull. More Spectromax people coming in every week.

The writing is on the wall for every one of us and this project is now doomed to failure!


One thought on “Developer Dan – 6th February 2015 – mutiny on the good ship CAP System

  1. I remember these events exactly as explained. I remember some really good people, skillwise and humanwise, being removed from the office just because they disagreed with the direction and management of the project. At the time I was team leading a good set of developers/testers. However, after the transition and the re-structure, I was provided with a new team. On paper I was given 7 senior developers(5 from specromax) and 2 senior testers(1 from specromax). After around 2-3 weeks into the sprint, having delegated the initial stories out to various developers, it was clear that these senior dev’s were clearly junior dev’s being charged out at senior rates. Suddenly, I realised that myself and 2 dev’s I had taken with me from my previous team had to deliver around 80% of the sprints codebase due to lack of technical skills provided by the management. Suffice to say, I was one who jumped ship before being pushed once the sprint was completed.

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