USA Scandal of H1B Visas mirrors Scottish Government practise that derailed CAP System and starved rural economy of over £400million

Tier2 visas in the UK have been used for years as a conduit for bringing cheap, under skilled, immigrant, slave labour into the UK where they are sold on at a premium to dysfunctional Government Departments as highly skilled staff to fill a fictitious skills gap.

The Scottish Government CAP System is just one such dysfunctional project that made heavy use of these people, paid a premium of around £100million on the original cost of the project and failed to deliver the project as a result.

Ministers, including Nicola Sturgeon and Richard Lochhead all failed to act when this activity was brought to their attention and the consequences of their inaction have been the subject of passionate debate as a result of the terrible price that is being paid by the rural economy and farmers alike.

Over in the States the Tier2 equivalent – the H1B visa – has recently become a scandal of massive proportion as companies and government alike have partaken of this 21st century slave trade whilst at the same time sacking resident workers to make room for them.

Fortunately, in the States, questions are finally being asked.

The UK must first deal with officials who have got  their fingers in the Tier2 pie before they can follow suit – but follow suit they must if we are to stop wasting billions of pounds of public money on failed IT systems.


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