“Why is Jonathan Pryce still in his post” after presiding over the CAP failure? A question some of us have been asking for over a year…

After questioning why Mr Pryce, the director of the Scottish Government’s Agriculture, Food and Rural Communities Directorate, was still in post, [Mr Walker] argued there could be “absolutely no excuse for such negligent and wanton misuse of taxpayers’ money, and no excuse for the stress that ScotGov’s mismanagement has placed on farmers up and down the country.”


In line with the recommendations of the 2006/7 House of Commons Report into the RPA Single Payment Scheme, we believe that the senior Scottish Government managers behind the CAP System failure should be removed from post in order to prevent repeated and ongoing failures of such magnitude.

“A culture where ministers and senior officials can preside over failure of this magnitude and not be held personally accountable creates a serious risk of further failures in public service delivery.”

“Accountability should mean that good results are rewarded, but a failure as serious as this of a Department to deliver one of its fundamental functions should result in the removal from post of those to whom the faulty policy design and implementation can be attributed.”

– page 6



The CAP system was doomed to failure in late 2014 when the management focus appeared to shift from delivery to making money for themselves. Let’s not forget Spectromax Solutions (the company owned by the delivery director) which published a 4000% increase in turnover in 2014/5.

Somebody needs to take a long hard look at the management structure that Jonathan Pryce brought in and how they were brought in.

And of course – they need to take a long hard look at the new contracts that have been awarded to the IT suppliers behind the CAP system – further contracts to supply Scottish Government IT systems.

Who awarded those?

We think this merits a thorough police investigation – let’s not forget that one was started but it appears that something or somebody scared the Economic Crime Unit off.

Now, who would have the power to do that?


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