SG looking anywhere but home for people to blame for CAP System failure

We were forwarded this email several months ago and if genuine it clearly shows that senior SG figures were well aware of the concerns being raised about the CAP system months ago and instead of acting to save the system, chose instead to deny the warnings and the serious state of the CAP System and shoot the messenger(s)

This created a culture of fear within Scottish Government 

All we can say is – How desperate…

There’s only one person truly responsible for this failure and it looks like he signed the email!


I want to start this brief update by recognising the enormous milestones that have been achieved with the opening of the Single Application Form to customers on 16 March, and the subsequent opening of applications for agri-environment and forestry schemes yesterday. This is a really outstanding achievement which has been widely applauded by colleagues elsewhere in the Scottish Government. My huge thanks go to everyone across the whole Directorate who has contributed – and I know that every Division, and each of our delivery partners, has played their part in this. 

Sadly, I now have to turn from celebrating our success to some very serious matters. You may be aware of some recent Twitter and social media activity which refers unfavourably to the Programme. This includes photographs that will have been posted without the permission of the people portrayed in them, which may well be upsetting for them. Many of you will have seen these posts and I wanted to reassure you that we have already been taking action. 

Whilst the individual responsible for these comments has not identified himself, we believe that he is a disaffected former contractor who is already known to us. 

We are already aware of the many allegations being made, and we have taken steps to investigate these and we have involved the appropriate agency, in this case the Home Office, in these investigations where appropriate.

These investigations have not found any evidence to support the allegations. I hope that all staff and contractors will find this fact reassuring.

Despite the fact that the individual is aware that we have investigated the issues he has raised, it would seem that the individual clearly wishes the Programme to fail, and by doing what he is doing he is determined to undermine the achievements and hard work of everyone involved in the Programme and the delivery of CAP reform.

I find it deeply disappointing that someone who had been working with us for many months on the Programme should behave in this way.  

If anyone has any concerns about this activity, about the allegations being made, or about any other aspects of the Programme, I would strongly encourage you to raise them with me, in confidence. Carol Heatlie the HR Professional Adviser (on ext 43951) would also be happy to provide an alternative, in confidence, route to raise any concerns anyone has.  

Returning to the positive, while we still have a long way to go before we will have completed the delivery of CAP reform, we should all be proud of what we have achieved so far. Well done!



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