Audit Scotland already biased in CAP Report and it’s not even written yet!

Just read the hogwash that Audit Scotland have already written about the CAP system and to be honest Scottish Government may as well have written it themselves.

This programme has proved significantly more complex and challenging than the Scottish Government anticipated.

Rubbish. It was just beyond them. That does not mean it was significantly more complex. It could have been delivered had they not sacked pretty much the entire workforce mid-flow and had they actually listened to the constructive feedback they were given instead of threatening the team. Indeed there were reports of testers of the system being threatened with the sack for raising too many defects that could have affected target payments.

It will assess how the programme is being managed, what has been achieved to date, what has still to be done, and any risks that remain.

Rural Scotland already knows the answer to that. Apparently the only people who don’t, as is always the case, is AuditScotland themselves!

Perhaps it is time to audit Audit Scotland!


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