Failed CAP System could bring down the Government after all but destroying the rural economy with failed payments?

Once standing proud to dispel rumours in May, 2015 that the CAP system was going to fail – the management team that tried to reassure us then subsequently went on to deliver that failure.

Now Jim Walker, a former farmers union leader has warned that the debacle over late farm payments is going to affect SNP election chances in the countryside.

Meanwhile, Spectromax Solutions, the agency owned by the Delivery Director of the CAP system reported a 4000% increase in turnover in 2014/15 – the year that it supplied migrant workers to the project and replaced UK workers that he first got rid of.

Both Nicola Sturgeon and Richard Lochhead, the agricultural minister, were informed by more than one whistleblower of the mass sackings of dedicated UK workers who knew the CAP system inside out, and that these professionals were being replaced with cheap and relatively unqualified migrant workers.

They were informed that these actions would serve to sabotage the project if unchecked and yet still failed to act.

The system has since failed and the farmers and rural Scotland are paying the price.

Ironically the SNP wants independence from the UK but wants to keep giving Scottish jobs to cheap, relatively unqualified migrant workers who are expected to work long hours for little pay and who serve only to make their gang masters very rich.


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