Scottish Government under fire as D Spur, Saughton House, is nicknamed Delhi Spur

Saughton House is the hub of development activity for the ill fated Rural Payments CAP system that has completely failed to deliver farming subsidies.

From 2014, the Scottish Government has come under heavy criticism for allowing the Delivery Director to replace all the UK workers with predominantly Indian migrant Tier2 workers through an agency that he owned – Spectromax.

This effectively sabotaged the whole CAP System as people who knew the requirements and the system were sacked and told to clear their desks – to be replaced with cheaper, relatively unskilled workers with no knowledge of or even interest in the CAP system.

The result was and continues to be the shambolic state of rural payments in Scotland. 

Now, we have the shocking revelation that there are so many Indian migrant workers at Saughton House D Spur, that the staff and management have nicknamed it Delhi Spur.

“This is wrong on so many levels,” one worker told us, “at one extreme it highlights the total imbalance between UK and Indian workers but at the other extreme it highlights the derogatory attitude of the Scottish Government  towards these migrant workers.”

“They were brought here simply because they could be paid less than UK workers and forced to breach UK and EU working conditions.”

“These migrant workers should be paid the same rate and expenses as their UK counterparts and should be paid overtime for the long hours that they have been forced to work – and it should be backdated if the Scottish Government is to demonstrate that it truly does not support or condone racial discrimination .”


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