Audit Scotland to probe failed CAP system

“Audit Scotland has announced it is to probe the Scottish Government’s failed £178 million IT system which has left farmers waiting for vital CAP payments.”

Having said that, Audit Scotland has come in for serious criticism from several whistleblowers on the failed project for not looking into issues when they were reported.

” Audit Scotland are only good for learning lessons with hindsight.” One person told us, “they monitored Holyrood as costs spiralled and then learned lessons with hindsight; they monitored the tram system and again learned lessons with hindsight. Let me guess, having monitored this whole project for 2 years they will simply learn lessons with hindsight!”

In theory, the lessons should have already been learned with the 2006/7 House of Commons report into the RPA.

This time, senior Scottish Government officials involved in this disaster should be removed from their posts.


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