Government fears rural backlash as CAP Delivery Director files accounts showing 4000% increase in turnover as farmers continue to wait for rural subsidies    

Spectromax Solutions filed its accounts today for the monies it made supplying staff to the ill fated CAP Payment System.

Owned by the Delivery Director of the CAP System who was widely believed to have been brought into the project by one of his pals in Scottish Government, the accounts show a turnover of some £3.5million compared to £80k in the year before he became Delivery Director.

Richard Lochhead, the unwitting Agriculture Minister ultimately responsible for this unmitigated disaster, was made aware of claims that senior managers on the CAP project deliberately sabotaged the project in order to maximise personal profits.

“These accounts clearly show that some people made an awful lot of money out of this project and that those in power put personal interest in front of the successful delivery of the project.” One person claimed on hearing the news.

Farmers and developers have called for a Public Inquiry and for senior managers at Scottish Government to be made personally accountable and liable for what has happened.

Spectromax Solutions accounts can be downloaded for free from


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