Dopey Dave’s Ramblings – 09.02.2016 -Only 500 BPS cases processed to payment this week!

Oh shit!

I cannot believe what the management team is telling me now, and I’m dreading the next visit from old Ogre Breath that is so obviously gonna come.

Apparently we’ve only processed 500 more BPS cases to payment – in a week! At this rate the remaining 17,000 cases are going to take 34 weeks.  That’s 8 and a half months.

Shit! Shit! Shit!

The management have sent out an email to the whole team saying they want an “Urgent BPS push this week”; but lets be honest, it’s been urgent for months now and feck all has happened so unless some miracle is going to happen this week I can’t see it improving any.

To make matters worse, they’re selecting only the easy cases to process – so that means we have a whole stockpile of more difficult cases coming and from what I’ve been told those farmers might just as well file for bankruptcy now cos there’s little to sod all chance of them seeing their money through this pile of crap that’s been written.

I hate my life.

“Everything will be fine Dave.  We’ve got loads of cheap labour.  We’ve sacked all the expensive UK workers who knew what they were doing.  We’ve not bothered employing any local people either – cos these guys are even cheaper than them.”

Everything’s not feckin fine tho is it.  As old Ogre breath said in his last rant “I’d rather plough a feckin field with a plough than use 300 people with a pitch fork each – especially if I know there’s another field needs ploughing after.”


But no.  We had to go with cheap labour and now we’ve got a crap system and the NFUS has started baying for blood.

What am I going to do if somebody actually starts looking for the names of people who have created this mess.  So far we’ve been lucky because nobody ever gets investigated for wasting public funds on IT projects.  It’s part of the culture – we fail time and time again and get away with it.

But, the problem is, what if this time we bring down the Scottish economy as well?!!

Oh shit!

Maybe I’ll take early retirement!




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