No job is safe as Home Office takes it upon itself to blast through the 20,000 cap and allows nearly 100,000 UK workers to be sacked in 2015 and replaced with Tier 2 economic migrants (nearly 80,000 more than the permitted limit)

You’re a working family with 2 children, one of them a new born baby.  You’ve studied hard, paid for your own training and you’re slowly climbing the skills ladder.  You have a mortgage and high hopes for your family and your children. You work in IT.

On Monday, you get called into the office and told that you no longer have a job.

“It’s nothing personal, but we can get 5 economic migrants for the price of you.” your manager tells you.

“But they’re not as good.  They don’t know the system and I have ten years of industry experience, 6 of them with this company.”

“It’s not my decision.  It’s come from one of the Directors who has a personal friend with a stake in a company that specialises in bringing Tier 2 workers into the country.  It’s jobs for the boys.”

“But there’s a cap on the number of people who are allowed into the country.”

“You really believe that?  Come on.  Politicians have pensions in these big companies.  They’re buttering their own bread with these deals.  And you’d never believe how many have got undeclared interests in these companies – friends, friends of friends and high paying positions on offer for when they’re no longer MPs.”

“I can’t believe that.”

“Explain this then – there’s a CAP on Tier 2 visas of 22,700 per year.  But if you look at the Home Office statistics – they let 92,859 into the country last year.”

“But none of these big company projects work.  The Government blew £45billion in the last 10 years on failed IT projects using these companies.”

“£45billion.  You’re right.  In any other sector there would be a full criminal investigation and people would go to jail – but in the public sector.  That’s chicken feed – but it’s a lot of pension for MPs and a lot of high powered jobs afterwards.  It’s a lot less profitable and a lot less risky than them just fiddling their expenses.  Where else but in Government could you fiddle £45billion and not go to jail. ”

“Surely that can’t be true.”

“Tell you what – write to them.  See how many do something.”


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