MPs question reveals nearly half a million UK workers were replaced with Tier 2 economic migrants in the last 7 years (and that does not include ICTs)

Written Answers — Home Office: Visas: South Asia (27 Jan 2016)
Greg Mulholland: To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department, how many Tier 2 visas were (a) applied for and (b) awarded to (i) Bangladeshis, (ii) Indians and (iii) Pakistanis in each year since such visas were introduced.

James Brokenshire (Immigration Minister)

The information requested is given in the following tables.

The latest quarterly Home Office immigration statistics on entry clearance visas are published in ‘Immigration Statistics, April-June 2015’, available from the Library of the House and from the Home Office website at:

 Why Replace UK Workers with Tier 2 economic migrants

When we asked James Brokenshire why he allowed such mass economic migration using Tier 2 visas he told us it was good for the economy and that these people contributed to the success of IT projects.

When we asked him to name just one  Government IT project that had used Tier 2 economic migrants and that had been a success he was unable to answer our challenge.

The fact is that the migrant workers are used as cheap slave labour so that large IT companies can maximise profits at the expense of these workers. It is also at the expense of the UK workers who lose their jobs as a result of this practice, and at the expense of the public purse from which these large IT companies just siphon money.

In the case of the SAF Rural Payments IT system, which is now being investigated by the Home Office (again) as part of an ongoing whistleblower investigation, this practise of replacing UK workers with cheap economic migrants was also at the expense of the farmers who are the ultimate customers of this disastrous Government IT system because when it transpires that the system is not fit for purpose it is the farmers who won’t  receive their subsidies and all because the focus of the IT project was always profit and never delivery.


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