Common Regional Agricultural Policy Crossword


6. One of the early Project Directors (its the ears)
9. Canadian company that bought out Logica in 2012
11. replacement source of income for unpaid farming subsidy (2 words)
12. term to describe a civil servant feathering his own nest with public sector work he manages (3 words)
15. term used by Dopey Dave’s father in law to describe Richard Lochhead
17. One thing that Scottish Government consistently delivers
20. short man with a big ego
21. amount of EU subsidy received by most Scottish Farmers (2 words)
22. behaviour of MPs blamed for Rural Payments failure
25. type of visa used to bring Indian workers into the country


1. organisation for investigating public sector fraud (3 words)
2. immigration minister (2 words)
3. UK company behind project overruns at DEFRA in 2007
4. too complicated for Rural Payments to process yet
5. regulatory organisation that always promises to learn lessons after the fact (2 words)
7. one of the first people to be told of CAP system project issues (2 words)
8. animal found on Air India flight
10. what Dopey Dave’s father in Law thinks he has bought with CAP System (2 words)
13. when we expect the whole CAP system to work fully
14. minister who believes everything is complicated (2 words)
16. company owned by the Delivery Director
18. number of trainee IT people employed to work on CAP project
19. computer system being used to process Rural payments once calculated (acronym)
23. only thing on SAF project that outnumbers staff
24. magical person who always delivers on time
25. type of contract that allows supplier to keep charging more and more money (3 words)

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