Rural Payments – An unmitigated disaster throughout time

Don’t just take our word for it…

10 years on and still the same old crap…


January 25th 2006 ~MPs on the Committee were staggered that the Minister could still not give a definitive statement

    The Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee is “deeply unimpressed by the failure of Defra and the RPA to plan properly for the process of administering payments to farmers under the new Single Payment Scheme “

Failure to Meet Payment Target Merits New Timetable Statement from Scottish Government

Article date:

12 January 2016

News Article Number:


The failure by Scottish Government to meet its own CAP payments timetable has led to a call from NFU Scotland for a new statement to be issued.

After months of repeated requests from NFU Scotland to provide details on when Scottish farmers and crofters could expect delivery of the new Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) into rapidly-emptying bank accounts, Scottish Government made a statement in mid-November 2015 that payments under the new BPS were to be made in two instalments of 70 percent and 30 percent.




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