As rumours abound that the Scottish Government Rural Payment CAP System is close to being totally scrapped, the question remains – who knew about this impending financial and IT nightmare?

Well, if the rumours are to be believed, then it’s all go and gone at Saughton House as the senior management at Scottish Government line up and distance themselves from the fall guys for the disastrous Rural CAP Payment System.

In November 2014 a whistleblower warned Nicola Sturgeon, Richard Lochhead, and all the relevant Governmental departments of what they believed was the deliberate sabotage of the CAP System by senior management on the project who they believed would benefit financially from the disastrous changes they were implementing.

Since then, nearly 20% of the workforce have come forward to offer their testimony to the investigating authorities.

With little activity from the authorities, an apparent whitewash from the Scottish Government, little more than ‘thank you for your letter’ from the 40+ MSPs who were contacted by their various constituents, and not even that from the remaining MSPs who were all lobbied; the Scottish Farmers and the Scottish Farming Industry stands to pay dearly for the actions of senior management on the CAP System (AFRC) project and the inaction of their MSPs, the regulators and authorities.

So, as we reach D-Day, and if our information is correct, a depressing speech and set of figures from Richard Lochhead, let’s take a look back at who knew about this impending disaster.

Who was told about the failing CAP System and when

  • Nicola Sturgeon – Q4 2014
  • Richard Lochhead – Q4 2014
  • Every single Director at Scottish Government – Q1 2015
  • Scottish Government IT Senior Management – Q4 2014
  • Audit Commission – Q4 2014
  • Serious Fraud Office – Q4 2014
  • Public Sector Fraud Office (Economic Crime Unit) – Q4 2014
  • Migration Advisory Committee – Q3 2015
  • Audit Scotland – Q4 2014
  • EVERY SINGLE MSP – Q2 2015
  • NFUS – Q2 2015
  • David Cameron – Q4 2014
  • David Cameron’s Cabinet – Q2 2015

Over £200million spent.  Some people reputedly made very rich (none of them farmers).  A computer system that is unworkable and that will have to be scrapped and re-written (so we are led to believe) because it has been made too complicated.


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