Spectromax advertising for Public Sector – Business Development Manager

Spectromax, one of the organisations reported to the Scottish Police and whose investigations into goings on at the Scottish Government Rural Payments IT project are still ongoing, is currently running adverts for a Public Sector Business Development Manager.

It’s hard to imagine that any business associated with the CAP system could be expanding its public sector presence following the unmitigated disaster the system has become, let alone a startup that didn’t exist two years ago, but the adverts offering a permanent salary of £60,000-£80,000 per year show just how lucrative public sector work is – even when it goes wrong.

Scottish farmers must be fuming to learn of these recent developments considering they are still waiting to be paid using the new computer system that is currently some £100m over budget.

Equally the Scottish Police and MSPs, who recently called for a Public Audit into failed Scottish IT projects must be feeling pretty foolish to have their impotence publically lauded as the public sector massively rewards yet another IT failure at a significant cost to the rural community in Scotland.



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